Translation of Jamil&Jamila

Elsbeth de Jager and Esther van der Ham, Dutch authors, wrote a book to help Syrian refugee children. Esther van der Ham illustrated this book and contributed „Und nun du!“ (And now it’s your turn!) an appendix containing educational topics for refugee children and information about Syria, Syrian recipes, the Arabic alphabet and much more in the Dutch and German version.

Elsbeth translated the first book of the Jamil and Jamila series into German in order to be translated into Arabic. The idea was to sell the Dutch and German versions in Europe and hand out the Arabic version to refugee children in Syrian refugee camps.

Two more books about Jamil and Jamila followed and the first book was translated into French and English by volunteers.

It took a while for the project to gather momentum but after Ellen Singer volunteered to translate the books into Spanish it started growing organically.

The short lines of communication between the author, publisher and translation coordinator and their corresponding networks mean the project is continuously adding languages.

Elsbeth, Esther and Ellen also give presentations at various locations.

The short lines of communication make it easy to adapt to requests and sales options. The overall goal is to sell books to be able to distribute free copies to refugee children. The means to this end is having as many translations as possible to be noticed.


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