Elsbeth and Esther

Elsbeth de Jager and Esther van der Ham are the autors/illustrator of the Jamil&Jamila books. The innitiator of the books is Oscar Bergamin, president of Ref Kid.

More about them:

Elsbeth is a German/Dutch translator and teacher. She teaches ‘Dutch as a foreign language’ at a refugee school, and German and, when there is time left, she writes books. She has two children and a grandson and she is happily married.

Esther is a civil engineer who studied technical management at university. She is also a coach for children. She likes writing and painting. Her publishing house focuses on books that are important for the development of the readers.

Elsbeth de Jager

Elsbeth de Jager (author)

Esther van der Ham (author/illustrator)

Esther van der Ham (author/illustrator/publisher)

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