Jamil&Jamila: Books and journeys

This is the time line for the Jamil & Jamila books, translations and journeys.
The books are written for refugee children, to help them overcome their war traumas.
The project is a joint effort of Oscar Bergamin, Esther van der Ham and Elsbeth de Jager.

August 2014

Writing Jamil & Jamila 1 (based on stories told by Oscar).
Translation of Jamil & Jamila 1 into Arabic

November 2014

First journey (Elsbeth, Esther and Oscar) to Gaziantep region
We took the books in Arabic to Syrian refugee children near the Syrian border (Turkey) where we spoke to many children, parents and teachers.

A book for you, a book for them

A book for you, a book for them

January 2015

Second journey (Esther and Oscar) to Gaziantep region
Esther paints containers for a school project in a Syrian refugee camp.

August 2015

Writing Jamil & Jamila 2: Homesick

October 2015

Giving books to Syrian refugee children in the Netherlands

November 2015

Esther gives a talk at Tedx in Breda, The Netherlands 

February 2016

Third journey (Esther and Oscar) to the Balkan

Esther and Oscar made a trip through the Balkan region from Lesbos to the Serbian Border. Following the refugees to write the 3rd book about Jamil & Jamila.

March 2016

Writing Jamil & Jamila 3: The journey

September 2016

Translation Jamil & Jamila Homesick  (book 2) into Arabic
November 2016

Fourth journey (Esther, Elsbeth and Oscar) to Lebanon Taking books to refugee camps in Lebanon and visiting the Dutch ambassador in Lebanon.


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