Jamil & Jamila 2 Homesick (English)


Elsbeth de Jager & Esther van der Ham

ISBN 9 789491 886744

Jamil and Jamila face many unpleasant experiences. Jamil is sad because of his paralyzed little sister and Jamila because of the disappearance of her brother. They meet at a refugee camp and they are always there to help each other. Jamil, for instance, doesn’t really dare to join the choir, but his schoolteacher is convinced it will do him good. Bold Jamila also stimulates him to join the choir. Fortunately, nice things happen as well! One day, school containers arrive, painted with cheerful suns and birds, and also with several well-known buildings in Syria. The buildings that Jamil and  Jamila miss so much, seem somewhat nearer.
This book is the second book in the series about Jamil & Jamila. For each sold copy, ‘Valley of dreams publishing’ will make the next volume of this series available free of charge for the children in a Syrian refugee camp in Syria, Lebanon or to Syrian refugee children in Europe.
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