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Sponsor extra books for next visit to refugee camps.


In October 2016 Elsbeth and Esther travelled to Lebanon to take “Jamil & Jamila” books to the children in refugee camps. These books were in Arabic. We distribute as many books as possible because these books help children deal with their traumas and regain a little faith and trust in the world. We try to lighten their hopeless situation as much as we can. We would love to take even more books to the children.

Help us and sponsor our project donating €150.

In return you will receive:

The three (signed) books of the Jamil & Jamila series in Dutch or any other language if available (three books in total). Your name will be included in the book (next edition).
Esther van der Ham and Elsbeth de Jager were asked by the Ash-Sham CARE/RefKid aid organisation to create books for children in (Syrian) refugee camps to help them deal with their experience with war.

Support this project and sponsor one or more books. Each child receives one book. Donation money that is not turned into books is used for the purchase of teaching materials.

Together we can give many children a book!


Dutch authors travel to visit Syrian refugee children in Lebanon


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